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about us.

International Youth Association is a non-governmental organization established in 2013 by young people with over 7 years of experience in non-formal education.

IYA has officially 250 active members. The team members of IYA have professional experience in project management, training and facilitation, and wide experience in working on social inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities.

International Youth Association mission is to promote the establishment of a modern, educated society, raise awareness of youngers about tolerance, human rights, intercultural dialogue, peace building, democracy, volunteerism, European values.

IYA is implementing educational and youth development programs, trainings, seminars and youth exchanges. IYA works mainly in education field with different target groups – children, youth, students, young people with fewer opportunities, refugees, IDPs, etc.

We are focusing our activities on a local, regional and international level.

Our focus.

Youth Development

Youth are the hearth of the actions IYA implement.

Non-Formal Education

The values of the IYA programs are based on non-formal approaches.

Active Citizenship

YIA strongly sustains and promote active citizenship.

European Integration

Is one of the main missions on which YIA activities are built.



Certificate ceremony of local training

გადაეცათ სერთიფიკატები ადგილობრივ ტრენინგებში მონაწილე ახალგაზრდებს ტურიზმის სფეროში, რომელიც განხორციელდა “Young Entrepreneurship Education in Hospitality and Tourism” პროექტის ფარგლებში. დიდი გამოხმაურებიდან გამომდინარე „საერთაშორისო … read more

წარმატებით დასრულდა ადგილობრივი ტრენინგები ტურიზმის სფეროში, რომელიც მიზნად ისახავს საქართველოს რეგიონებში მცოხვრები ახალგაზრდებისათვის სამეწარმეო ტრენინგების ჩატარებას, რათა ხელი შეუწყოს მათ შექმნან, წამოიწყონ ან განავითარონ ტურისტული პოტენციალის მქონე ბიზნესები… read more
დაინტერესებული ხარ ტურისმის ბიზნესით? მაშინ შემოგვიერთდი!აპლიკაციების მიღება და მონაწილეების შერჩევა დაიწყო. “საერთაშორისო ახალგაზრდული ასოციაცია” იწყებს 18-დან 35-წლამდე კახეთის რეგიონში მცხოვრები ახალგაზრდა მონაწილეების შერჩევას ადგილობრივი ტრენინგებისთვის ტურიზმის სფეროში… read more

International Youth Association implemented the Training Course “Youth Entrepreneurship Education in Hospitality and Tourism”. The training reunited 24 youth workers from Ukraine, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Spain and Armenia and was held between 29 of March and 7 of April in Telavi, Georgia… read more

Our Projects.

Volunteers Without Borders

International Youth Association has implemented the training course "Volunteers Without Borders" in Kobuleti, Georgia. The project reunited ...

Your Entrepreneurial Spirit - YES

The project gathered 30 participants from 10 countries, such as Armenia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine...

We Are Together -
Youth Exchange

The project aimed to promote tolerance and solidarity among people and cooperation in the youth field. Participants gathered in order to overcome stereotypes and ...

Our team.

Beka Khatiashvili


Ana Qabzinadze

Projects Manager

Khatia Gvelesiani

Projects Coordinator

Ketevan Grdzelishvili

PR & Communication


IYA gave me opportunity to deepen my general knowledge, discover world, broaden my network and meet young leaders from many different countries. IYA gave me a right path in life and shaped my future as a responsible global citizen.
Raul Labadze


In order to form as a competitive professional, together with formal education, it is of tremendous importance to gain knowledge and experience from different projects that I acquired through the IYA. Moreover, the IYA gave me a great opportunity to meet young leaders, make new friends and broaden networks.
Tamar Chkhitunidze


New cultures, new knowledge, new friends, these are just a few things out of huge list of benefits that I’ve experienced by participating in youth exchanges organized by IYA. With confidence, I can say that, all the projects were well organized. It always met or even exceeded the expectations of participants. The most important thing is that, thanks to proper exercises and workshops that created good group dynamic, after the years, we are still in touch with project participants.

Arabella Kordzakhia


The organization gave me the opportunity to participate in variety of youth projects concerning non-formal education within the country as well as outside of Georgia . The projects gave my life a new direction of path along with various and progressive experiences full of fun. I made new friends from different countries with whom I always keep in touch. It guaranteed me to be integrated in international scheme of global relationships and gave me an opportunity to have a better understanding of European integration processes beyond our country.

Khatia Karseladze


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Where to find us

Ak.Tsereteli ave. 49/51, II floor, Tbilisi 0154, Georgia

E-mail us

Call us

+995 555 696864

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